17.33. go


Ports should not be created for Go libs, see Section 6.29, “Go Libraries” for more information.

Possible arguments: (none), modules

Sets default values and targets used to build Go software. A build-time dependency on lang/go is added. By default the build is performed in GOPATH mode. If Go software uses modules, the modules-aware mode can be switched on with modules.

The build process is controlled by several variables:


The name of the Go package. When building in GOPATH mode, this is the directory that will be created in ${GOPATH}/src and seen by the go. When building in modules-aware mode, no GOPATH directories will be created and GO_PKGNAME value will be only used as a default for GO_TARGET. If not set explicitly and GH_SUBDIR is present, GO_PKGNAME value will be inferred from ${GH_SUBDIR}, otherwise it will be set to ${PORTNAME}.


The name of the packages to build. The default value is ${GO_PKGNAME}.


Additional CFLAGS values to be passed to the C compiler by go.


Additional LDFLAGS values to be passed to the C compiler by go.


Additional build arguments to be passed to go install.

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