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FreeBSD News Flash! (2000)

December 2000

November 2000

  • 30-Nov-2000 Individual porting efforts were moved into the platforms directory. Separate pages for the Alpha, IA-64, PowerPC, and SPARC porting projects can be found there.

  • 22-Nov-2000 FreeBSD 4.2 has been released. Please see the Release Information page for more details. Also be sure to check the release errata after installation for any late-breaking issues with 4.2 that occur.

  • 22-Nov-2000 And yet another new committer: Peter Pentchev (ports)

  • 13-Nov-2000 Yet another new committer: OKAZAKI Tetsurou (ports)

  • 13-Nov-2000 Another new committer: Kazuhiko Kiriyama (ports)

  • 13-Nov-2000 New committer: Dmitry Sivachenko (Mainly ports)

  • 12-Nov-2000 Another new committer: Issei Suzuki (Ports)

  • 06-Nov-2000 Another new committer: Jing-Tang Keith Jang (ports, mostly in the chinese category)

  • 02-Nov-2000 Another new committer: Benno Rice (PowerPC port and OpenFirmware /boot/loader)

October 2000

  • 26-Oct-2000 Yet another new committer: Doug Barton (mergemaster, and whatever other trouble I can get into)

  • 26-Oct-2000 A new committer: Garance A Drosehn (lpr and friends)

  • 18-Oct-2000 New FreeBSD Core Team Elected! Read the official press release for more information.

  • 16-Oct-2000 A new committer: Jonathan Chen (newcard cardbus)

  • 03-Oct-2000 The complete track schedule for BSDCon has been released. BSDCon is the premiere annual technical conference for BSD users and will be held from October 14-20 in Monterey, CA.

  • 02-Oct-2000 Doug Rabson has made a series of commits to -CURRENT with early IA64 support. The kernel will now reach the mountroot prompt. Please follow the ia64 mailing list for more information.

  • 01-Oct-2000 A new committer: Trevor Johnson (sundry ports, mostly in the audio category)

  • 01-Oct-2000 A new committer: James Housley (ports, especially RTEMS. Side interest in IPv6)

  • 01-Oct-2000 A new committer: Mário Sérgio Fujikawa Ferreira

September 2000

August 2000

July 2000

June 2000

  • 30-June-2000 has been upgraded to FreshPorts 1.1. The FreshPorts website contains the latest details of which ports have been create/updated/removed. This upgrade, the first since FreshPorts was release in early May, gives you an improved home page, which together with a commit history means you can find out about your ports faster and easier.

  • 29-June-2000 Tucows has added a BSD section.

  • 26-June-2000 A new committer: Shunsuke Akiyama (Optical disk driver)

  • 24-June-2000 FreeBSD 3.5 has been released. Please see the Release Information page for more details. Also be sure to check the release errata after installation for any late-breaking issues with 3.5 that occur.

  • 20-June-2000 A new committer: MIHIRA Sanpei Yoshiro (PC-Card)

    A new committer: Coleman Kane (3dfx voodoo for glide/Mesa)

  • 19-June-2000 A new committer: CHOI Junho (Ports)

  • 08-June-2000 Jordan Hubbard and Warner Losh will be in Japan during the first part of June 2000. They will be giving talks at: the BSD BOF at Networld+Interop 2000 Tokyo (8th), the JUS seminor at Tokyo (9th), the NBUG event at Nagoya (10th), and, the K*BUG seminor at Osaka (10th). Please see

    A new article is available, explaining how to use PPP, natd, and ipfw to implement a firewall with a PPP dialup connection.

    A new committer: Alexander Langer (Ports, Docs)

  • 06-Jun-2000 The first FreeBSD Conspectus has been added, providing a summary of events on the -stable mailing list over the past week.

May 2000

April 2000

  • 16-Apr-2000 New mailing lists available: freebsd-i18n (FreeBSD Internationalization) and freebsd-ppc (Porting FreeBSD to the PowerPC)

  • 04-Apr-2000 A new committer: Murray Stokely (sysinstall)

March 2000

February 2000

  • 26-Feb-2000 A new committer: Hajimu UMEMOTO (IPv6)

  • 23-Feb-2000 A new committer: Paul Saab

  • 22-Feb-2000 has a review of FreeBSD 3.4 by Clifford Smith available on their web site. All in all, a good review.

  • 18-Feb-2000 A new committer: Brian S Dean (Kernel support for IA32 hardware debug registers, misc fixes/feature enhancements in other areas)

  • 17-Feb-2000 A new issue of The FreeBSD 'zine came out on the 15th. This is the first issue of the 'zine in 7 months; lots of changes have been made, and many new features have been added. Be sure to check it out.

  • 10-Feb-2000 Michael Lucas has written an excellent article on the differences between the BSD license and the GPL. This article is definitely worth reading.

    New committers: Greg Sutter and Bill Swingle (Docs)

January 2000

  • 22-Jan-2000 The FreeBSD Diary, a chronicle of what one guy is doing with FreeBSD, has been around for almost two years. Until today, it was tucked away in a corner of his site. Following significant growth, a new-look site was launched today. The site contains a huge number of how-to guides and the readership includes NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Linux users.

  • 13-Jan-2000 A new committer: Wilko Bulte

  • 04-Jan-2000 The Compaq Testdrive program is now making testdrives available of the latest FreeBSD 4.0-20000101-CURRENT release running on an Alpha XP1000 EV6.7. running at 667MHz and loaded with two gigs of ram. To get a free shell account as a participant in the testdrive program, all you need to do is register at the site. These accounts aren't for playing, the goal of the program is to make brand new systems available to developers so they can test, build and port their apps to the world's fastest computer. The testdrive program also offers other systems running FreeBSD, including a Proliant 5500 dual Xeon 450MHz and a DPW500a.

  • 03-Jan-2000 A new committer: Patrick Gardella (JDK/WWW)

  • 02-Jan-2000 A new committer: Ade Lovett (Ports)

  • 01-Jan-2000 A new committer: Jeremy Lea (Ports)

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